Yincana, Gymkahana or Gincana… What is it and where to practice in the center of Malaga?

We have heard these words on many occasions, including Gymkhana events in Malaga among other European cities or treasure hunt (Treasure Hunt) but do you know what it is? From Last Escape we explain it to you.

The word gymkhana is of Hindi and Persian origin, where “gend” means ball and “khana” meeting place, so we understand that its meaning is “Ball Game”

Children playing Yincana
Children playing traditional Yincana

However, it has nothing to do with reality, at least not totally, where they were used from horses to motorcycles today. Normally in open spaces although they can also be carried out in closed places.

Gymkhanas can be organized for recreational purposes, fundraisers or only as a competition, where participants are rewarded. The Yincanas, in addition to being a great idea to entertain, has other benefits such as:

  • Improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Stimulate intelligence.
  • Help to exercise.
  • Create close bonds when carried out in teams.
  • They are perfect to achieve Team Building.

But most important of all, all this happens while you have fun and spend a pleasant day with your friends.

Guys playing Magic Portal
Guys playing Magic Portal

Currently in Málaga Centro we have many options to participate in Gymkhanas, including charity events organized by different entities, in addition to different Escape Rooms or treasure hunts.

Participate in the Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal games are two of the Yincanas 2.0 that you can play now in the Center of Malaga.

Escape Rooms…Have they reach the next level?

Nowadays we have seen Escape Rooms in Malaga and other European cities creating a new trend, but what is it really about?

A group of people enter in the escape rooms, activate the clock and start the game.

One hour, 60 minutes, to overcome all the challenges that will appear in the game and get out of the room before time runs out.

What exactly needs to be done in a Escape Room?

Logic and ingenuity are important within the Escape Room.

Inside the enclosed space there are Find keys, perform puzzles, investigate, think, to reach the final goal.

Generally, Escape Room games are linked to a history, which can be detective games, heroes, science fiction, horror, mathematicians, between others.

What happens if you don’t finish the game or if my team gets stuck?

Do not lose your calm, you will not be locked, since the game is supervised by different cameras that are placed around the room.

Also, if the group gets stuck at some stage of the game, the team of monitors can communicate with players to provide help and give them Clues to continue.

How were the Escape Rooms born?

Escape Rooms were born in 2006 in California, when a group of programmers created a team game in which you had to solve a puzzle in a certain time.

The version we know in Europe, the one that we have to solve a series of riddles to get out of a room has its origin in Budapest, in the Flow theory, or flow theory, created by a Hungarian psychologist in 1975.

This theory is chained with learning through games and enjoyment, then, he points out that if someone finds himself in an activity for his own enjoyment, when there is a balance between his abilities and the challenges posed, he enters a mental state, Where everything flows At that moment, time flies and ideas arise freely (brainstorming).

Where to play?

There is a wide variety of Escape Room available in numerous cities in Europe, including Malaga, where for a few weeks, we can enjoy the modality of Escape Room outdoors, where we use elements and places of the city to progress in the game, Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal are based on this mode of outdoor play and also include elements of Augmented Reality! What are you waiting for to play?


Team Building, how is it and how it works

In Malaga there are tones of opportunities to participate in events and activities focused on Team Building, do you  want to know about Team Building? No problem keep reading


The Team Building is a word that defines a set of activities that seeks to form high-performance teams and improve relationships between group members.

It is currently one of the key tools in social and organizational development and is applied in various fields, whether in the military, sports, work teams and even school groups among others.

So… How does the Team Building works?

The philosophy of the Team Building is based on the union of a group of people through the overcoming a challenge.

If we add to the challenge that it is an adventure out of the ordinary, leading to moments of tension, fear and uncertainty and manage to overcome the adventure, create a degree of proximity between group members and a team feeling, which projects greater possibilities of group effectiveness.

To sum up, participating in Team Building games encourages the participation of members of the group and that tuning is achieved that allows a better advance to achieve the objective. Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal allow us to achieve that participation status group through their riddles.

Don’t wait any longer and play!