Yincana, Gymkahana or Gincana… What is it and where to practice in the center of Malaga?

We have heard these words on many occasions, including Gymkhana events in Malaga among other European cities or treasure hunt (Treasure Hunt) but do you know what it is? From Last Escape we explain it to you.

The word gymkhana is of Hindi and Persian origin, where “gend” means ball and “khana” meeting place, so we understand that its meaning is “Ball Game”

Children playing Yincana
Children playing traditional Yincana

However, it has nothing to do with reality, at least not totally, where they were used from horses to motorcycles today. Normally in open spaces although they can also be carried out in closed places.

Gymkhanas can be organized for recreational purposes, fundraisers or only as a competition, where participants are rewarded. The Yincanas, in addition to being a great idea to entertain, has other benefits such as:

  • Improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Stimulate intelligence.
  • Help to exercise.
  • Create close bonds when carried out in teams.
  • They are perfect to achieve Team Building.

But most important of all, all this happens while you have fun and spend a pleasant day with your friends.

Guys playing Magic Portal
Guys playing Magic Portal

Currently in Málaga Centro we have many options to participate in Gymkhanas, including charity events organized by different entities, in addition to different Escape Rooms or treasure hunts.

Participate in the Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal games are two of the Yincanas 2.0 that you can play now in the Center of Malaga.

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